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Alberta Natural Products

Simple. Natural. Affordable.

 Since 2003, Calgary based Alberta Natural Products has provided locally produced, ethically sourced and sustainable natural products that are both high quality and value priced.

 Natural Hand Made Soaps

 Handmade and cold processed, Alberta Natural soaps are made using quality olive, coconut and sustainably sourced palm oil. The addition of botanicals, essential oils and natural colours create a long lasting, moisture rich soap that appeals to all the senses.  With a list of ingredients such as  Peppermint, Calendula  and Ylang Ylang,  there is a variety of Alberta Natural soap sure to please everyone!  And with no BPA, coal tar dyes, triclosan or other artificial ingredients, Alberta Natural soaps are a guilt free indulgence. 

 Healthy Greens

 Alberta Natural greens are sourced from growers who, like us, are dedicated to creating products that are made with attention to both quality and integrity.  Made without GMO’s, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, Alberta Natural Greens with added probiotics are a fantastic supplement designed to meet the needs of both the health and budget conscious consumer.