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Herbal Green Superfood!


The Greens

Our formula of ingredients is sourced from pure non-gmo and organic growers who, like ourselves, are dedicated to creating products that are proudly made with attention to both quality and integrity.  Of course we never add any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives to our whole food blend.

greensThe Super

Our Greens formula is full of antioxidants and has a proven probiotics strain to help maintain optimum health.  

The Food

Real food you know and trust means real support for your body. Including a rich green food supplement in your daily routine is a great way to get you started on the path to optimal health and wellness.



The Ingredients


Spirulina Blue Green Algae   A sustainable source of essential amino acids, plant protein, iron and beta-carotene.




Wheat Grass* (titicum aestivum)



Provides antioxidants that helps protect against the oxidative damage caused by free radicals. 



Barley Grass* (hordeum vulgare)



Provides antioxidants that helps protect against the oxidative damage caused by free radicals.



Alfalfa*(medicago sativa)



Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as a nutritive tonic.



Probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus &
Bifidobacter bifidus)



Improves nutrient absorption and aids in digestion.



Licorice Root* (glycyrrhiza glabra)



Used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve inflammatory conditions of the gastrointestinal tract



Stevia Leaf



Natural sweetener  



Apple Fibre (malus sylvestris)




 apple fibre    


Bee Pollen Powder




bee pollen     


Beet Root*(beta vulgaris rubra)




 beet root    


Acerola Cherry* and Black Currant Extract *






Green Tea Powdered Extract (camellia sinensis)




green tea     


Soy Lecithin (non-gmo)




soy lecithin    

















































































*denotes organically certified



Our Greens Lineup