Essential Oil Blends

EO Blends
Blue Skies & Sunshine 10ml with Box_ 72 dpi

smiles & good thoughts -
Aroma: Sweet and happy citrus smiles with cheerful, sunny warm herbal spirit
Attributes: Uplifting, Relaxing, Calming

Breathe Deep 10ml with Box_72 dpi

inhale & exhale with purpose -
Aroma: Intense bright menthol and mint notes with deep, fresh herbal tones
Attributes: Refreshing, Soothing, Stimulating

Calm Mind 10ml with Box_72 dpi

create balance -
Aroma: Citrus with a hint of soft florals and a touch of grounding earthiness
Attributes: Inspiring, Calming, Grounding

Catching Zzzz's 10ml with Box_ 72 dpi

restore & replenish -
Aroma: Soft & gentle florals mix with relaxing, calming herbal scents and comforting warm base layers
Attributes: Calming, Soothing, Relaxing

Clear Focus 10ml with Box_ 72 dpi

accomplish & achieve -
Aroma: Light floral and citrus aspects with a hint of frankincense and fresh vanilla coffee
Attributes: Energizing, Stimulating, Clarifying

Strength 10ml with Box_ 72 dpi

stand tall & be resilient -
Aroma: Warm, rich and creamy exotic spice notes strong enough to tame the toughest thieves
Attributes: Warming, Invigorating, Empowering

About our Blends

USDA Certified Organic from Pro-Cert Canada
- Each blend is formulated by a certified aromatherapist and classically trained (in France) perfumer with over 15 years experience at one of the world’s top perfumeries.
- Each blend is identified by an icon (image) and a specifically chosen colour (based on colour research) for easy reference and visual appeal.
- Purpose directed – each blend is geared towards a distinct purpose based on traditional use of the oils and their components.
- The blends are well rounded formulas that combine complimentary oils. For example the "Catching Zzzz’s" blend has oils that are known to have calming soothing and relaxing properties.
- The blends contain oils sourced from Bulgaria, Italy, Australia, Indonesia and India.

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